I am

Neha Sharma, an IT Business Analyst & Project Manager based in Mumbai, India. Presently I am working at Nisos Technologies.

I have hands-on experience working with enterprises and start-ups alike. My expertise lie in the following domains – Healthcare, eCommerce, mobile apps, web, SaaS and User Experience.

I am also a superwife in the making.

I am a self-taught HTML-CSS developer with beginner-to-intermediate experience in Javascript, WordPress, Framework7, Ionic, Shopify & Woocommerce.

I am currently learning data analysis and SEO.

Over the course of 6 years in the IT industry, I have learned many a things and collected 100s of resources. This blog is way for me to give back to the web community and share all that I have learnt.

Ping me and I will pong back at you at @mssharmaneha on Twitter (where I don’t post much) or contact me directly at mssharmaneha at gmail dot com.

Mood 2019

circa 2013

Personal believes

Word hard, be kind and good things will come to you.